NLP (natural language processing) is a domain that is particularly growing right now, given the advent of new language models. Often the progress or latest advancements in any field, can become a bit difficult to keep track of and this is an attempt to compile and store, most important pointers regarding NLP.

Deep Learning project structure

on December 7, 2019

This log post stems from the need to organize our projects in much better coherent ways. Shoutout to Stanford CS230 course for making their resources available online for free. Ever wondered how one

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ML Career Advice and Reading Papers

on October 14, 2019

Reading Research Papers - PART I This log post, is transcribed from Andrew Ng’s CS230 Lectures on Deep learning and was written in a spirit to retain what was said and largely to look back and impleme

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5 Open problems in NLP

on September 9, 2019

This log post on NLP, builds from a request that a Reddit user had and I have tried my best to justify to address the most pressing bottlenecks that the NLP community faces. 5. Evaluation Metrics :

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Word Clouds NLP Conferences

on September 6, 2019

ACL 2019 conference. Note: This word cloud takes into consideration all the demonstrations, short papers, long papers for generating the image. The word cloud library generator created by Amueller ha

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Organizations working on NLP